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The Best of WordPress
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Welcome to an online community of WordPress developers, designers, online business owners, and some regular folks who get excited about the thought of stretching the most popular content management system on the planet to new limits. No longer just blogging software, WordPress can become the basis for almost any type of website.

At the Best of WordPress, we hope to showcase the most valuable tools for all sorts of WordPress users with a multitude of skill levels. To accomplish this goal, we plan to invite guest experts to publish informative articles, develop tutorials, and showcase plugins and themes. We hope to help our visitors lean how to develop almost any type of website from WP, and these include online magazines directories, eCommerce sites, social networks, forums, and much more.

About WordPress Themes and Plugins

Millions of websites run on this friendly, updated, and robust CMS. It works out of the box, but thousands of plugins and themes can turn a basic installation into a unique work of art. But you don’t need to know how to develop WP themes and plugins in order to customize your site.

Talented theme and plugin developers have already produced thousands of these, many are available for free, and premium ones are almost always very affordable. Hey, we love free WordPress plugins and themes as much as anybody, but we fully support the right of skilled WP developers to earn money from their efforts.

True fans may appreciate some WP facts, history, and future talk:

  • The CMS is used by over 22 percent of the top ten million Internet sites.
  • The first release came out in 2003.
  • WP enjoys the greatest market share of any open source CMS.

You probably already know that WP evolved from a simpler blogging platform. The founders have also commented about the future of WordPress, and that is as a platform for social, applications, and mobile technology.

If you already use this CMS, you have probably notice the number of responsive themes. These themes have been carefully crafted to look good on almost any type of electronic device, and that includes desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. Yes, you can create a mobile website with this application. Better than that, you can use a responsive theme to develop one website that functions well on a variety of different platforms.

WP is Easy-Breezy to Obtain for Your Website

In the old days, you had to download a ZIP file, unpack it, and then upload it to your website host. Today, most hosts provide one-click installs, so you can unwrap your new website in a matter of minutes. You can also upload ZIP files directly from the Admin area for new plugins and themes. Experienced website developers can have a functioning site running in a matter of hours, and even newbies find the experience fairly intuitive.

Anyway, welcome to BestofWPress.com, and we hope you visit often. After awhile, you should get just excited about this fantastic website development tools as the rest of us.

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